A history from back-end to front-end: from mainframes to compiled JavaScript and beyond

Location: Salon A
April 19th, 2017
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

One day we woke up and things were different. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powering swarms of cloud containers talking to browsers running apps originally written in C++, now compiled to JS. Augmented and Virtual Reality are happening in your browser! Join Scott Hanselman as he explores the relationship between the Cloud and the Browser, many Languages and one Language, how it might all fit together and what might come next in this upbeat and edutaining talk.

Scott Hanselman

Podcaster, Hanselminutes, This Developer’s Life, Ratchet & The Geek; Principal Program Manager, Outreach and Community, Open Source, Microsoft

Universal React with Next.js

Location: Salon C
April 19th, 2017
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Next.js makes it incredibly easy to write universal JavaScript applications that render on the server and the client. This talk will walk you through all the basics, with a lot of live demos and real-world examples. By the end of the talk, you'll have learned how to use React and deploy it to production with just 4 commands.

Guillermo Rauch

co-creator, Next.js; author, Smashing Node.JS

From Bleeding Edge to State of the Art: One Year with Angular

Location: Salon D
April 18th, 2017
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

It may be 2017, but it hasn't become any easier to choose the right JavaScript framework for your project or organization. Although there are a few nascent contenders like Vue.js and Cycle.js, the "framework wars" of 2017 mainly pit Facebook's juggernaut React against Google's powerhouse Angular, which faced controversy after a decision to completely rewrite the framework after version 1. But at NPR, we decided to take a chance on Angular. On March 31st, 2016, we launched a production webapp built with Angular version 2, which was still in beta at the time; the final, stable release of v2.0 went

Nara Kasbergen

Digital Media Group, National Public Radio

Avoiding React Performance Pitfalls

Location: Salon C
April 19th, 2017
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

When @WalmartLabs built Electrode, the React/Node.js application platform that powers the customer experience, performance was one of our primary concerns. React’s use of a virtual DOM and support for server-side rendering have earned it a reputation for speed, but in building our platform we encountered several unexpected performance bottlenecks. In this talk, we’ll discuss the problems we found and how we solved them.

Alex Grigoryan

Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs

Ember and the State of Web Frameworks.

Location: Salon C
April 18th, 2017
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In the years since Ember was released, the state of the art in JavaScript web frameworks has changed significantly. Given all that's changed, how has Ember managed to remain relevant, both technically and philosophically? In this talk, Yehuda will cover the big changes on the web in the past five years, how they affected Ember, and the strategies and techniques the project uses to keep up the momentum over the long haul. He'll also cover Ember's latest project: Glimmer. Glimmer allows you to use Ember's view layer standalone, using the same battle tested internals and workflow as Ember itself. How

Yehuda Katz

co-creator, Ember.js; core team, Rust