From Bleeding Edge to State of the Art: One Year with Angular

Location: Salon D
April 18th, 2017
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

It may be 2017, but it hasn't become any easier to choose the right JavaScript framework for your project or organization. Although there are a few nascent contenders like Vue.js and Cycle.js, the "framework wars" of 2017 mainly pit Facebook's juggernaut React against Google's powerhouse Angular, which faced controversy after a decision to completely rewrite the framework after version 1. But at NPR, we decided to take a chance on Angular. On March 31st, 2016, we launched a production webapp built with Angular version 2, which was still in beta at the time; the final, stable release of v2.0 went

Nara Kasbergen

Digital Media Group, National Public Radio

Building a Drumming Legend Game with Angular and Observables

Location: Salon E
April 19th, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In this talk, Ken Rimple shows you how to use various reactive APIs in Angular to provide a gaming platform. His Drum Legend game, which gamifies drum rudiment practice, uses WebMidi, WebAudio, RxJS, NGRX Store, NGRX Effects and NGRX DevTools to provide an audio chain for synthesis and sample triggering, and NGRX Store / Effects to provide the observable-based state for tracking the game as it moves through various levels. Ken's Angular ng-audio-chain, ng-webaudio-synthesis and ng-webaudio-drum-machine libraries and ng-midi-interface libraries for interfacing with MIDI, playing sounds and samples will be used.

Ken Rimple

Angular Trainer/Mentor; Chariot Podcast Host