Eric Charran

Eric Charran joined Microsoft in October of 2005 as a Microsoft Services Consultant. Eric spent the first few years at Microsoft focusing on a wide array of consulting engagements involving various technologies and disciplines. These included successfully servicing customers with needs surrounding application platform core technologies including application development, business process automation and business intelligence and analytics. Eric has spent engineering time with many of the product teams at Microsoft while simultaneously landing large complex solution architectures with customers that drive value and effect positive change.

Currently, Eric works as the Chief Architect in the Data Insights group within Microsoft services. As part of the data insights architecture group, Eric looks after topics such as innovation and incubation of fringe or edge technologies. He also works to craft intellectual property strategies and helps customers directly by advising executives and technical decision makers creating digital transformation within organizations using advanced analytics.

Eric lives in Warrington, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia) with his family of 4.