Alex Grigoryan

Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs
Avoiding React Performance Pitfalls

Alex leads the Application Platform team @WalmartLabs and is responsible for the development of Electrode, an open source project that made it possible for Walmart.com to transition from Backbone/Java to React/Node.js in under a year. His focus is on reusability,

Alex Miller works on Clojure and supports the community at Cognitect. He co-authored the recent book, Clojure Applied (Pragmatic Press) and is currently working on the 3rd edition of Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Press).

Alexander Solovyov is the CTO of modnaKasta, one of the leading Ukrainian ecommerce companies. He has lead an overhaul of company’s legacy platform into a bleeding edge architecture. Before that he was busy building client-side apps and backends, blogging and

Andrea Goulet is the CEO of Corgibytes, a software development shop dedicated to maintaining and modernizing software applications. Named by LinkedIn as one of the top ten professionals in software under 35, Andrea is the founder of LegacyCode.Rocks and hosts

Andy Hunt

co-author, "The Pragmatic Programmer"; co-author, The Agile Manifesto
Pragmatic Programming Essentials

Andy Hunt is a programmer turned consultant, author and publisher. He authored the best-selling book “The Pragmatic Programmer” and eight others, was one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto and founders of the Agile Alliance, and co-founded the

Blair MacIntyre

Augmented Reality Pioneer; Principal Research Scientist, Mozilla; Professor of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech
The Web as Platform for Augmented Reality Experiences

Blair is a Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he has directed the Augmented Environments Lab since 1999. His research focuses on developing the potential of augmented reality as a novel technology

Bruce Wong is a technology leader at Twilio, a Cloud Communications Platform that enables developers to integrate rich communication into products. In a previous life Bruce founded Chaos Engineering at Netflix; a team that set out to change the way

Chris Baker is an Internet cartographer, data analyst, and wanderlust researcher at Dyn, where he is responsible for an array of data analysis and research projects ranging from trends in the DNS to Internet measurement and infrastructure profiling. Previously, Chris

Chrissie Brodigan

User Experience Researcher, AirBnB

Chrissie Brodigan is a user experience researcher and a former historian of airline stewardesses. Chrissie previously led user experience research for GitHub. Long before she was a user researcher, she spent most of her time studying and writing about gender

Dan Mall

Founder and Executive Director, SuperFriendly

Dan Mall is a creative director and advisor from Philly. He’s the founder and executive director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative that brings exquisite creative direction & design to the world’s most important and interesting organizations. Dan is an enthralled

Daniel Spiewak is a software developer based out of Boulder, CO. Over the years, he has worked with Java, Scala, Ruby, C/C++, ML, Clojure and several experimental languages. He currently spends most of his free time researching parser theory and

Daniel is the author of the best selling books A Swift Kickstart now in its second edition. He has written apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared and has written programs for the Mac all

David A. Black is a long-time software developer, author, trainer, speaker, and event organizer. He is a Ruby standard library contributor and a founder/director emeritus of Ruby Central, Inc., the parent organization of the official international Ruby and Ruby on

David is the CEO of Convox, an open-source deployment platform that gives you the productivity of PaaS while maintaining full control of your applications and data. Previously David founded the Developer Experience team at Heroku to bring the acclaimed Ruby

David Nolen is a software engineer at Cognitect, a software consultancy and database company. He contributes to various open source Clojure libraries and is the lead developer of ClojureScript, a dialect of Clojure that targets modern JavaScript runtimes.

Don Coleman

Co-Author Make: Bluetooth and Beginning NFC
The Physical Web

Don is a software developer who enjoys hacking with phones, Arduino and other hardware. As the Director of Consulting for Chariot Solutions he works with teams and clients to reinvent their existing technology and lay the groundwork for the future.

Eric Charran joined Microsoft in October of 2005 as a Microsoft Services Consultant. Eric spent the first few years at Microsoft focusing on a wide array of consulting engagements involving various technologies and disciplines. These included successfully servicing customers with

Erik Osheim is one of the founders of Typelevel, and maintains several Scala libraries including Cats, Spire, and others. He hacks Scala for a living at Stripe, and is committed to having his cake and eating it too when it

Guillermo Rauch

co-creator, Next.js; author, Smashing Node.JS
Universal React with Next.js

Guillermo Rauch is the founder of ZEIT, co-creator of Now and Next.js, and former CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup, acquired by WordPress.com in 2013. His background and expertise is in the realtime web. He’s the creator of socket.io,

Gwen is a product manager at Confluent where she helps Confluent teams, customers and the wider community work together to create amazing products. She has 15 years of experience working with code and customers to build scalable data architectures, integrating

Holden Karau

co-author, Learning Spark and High Performance Spark; engineer, Spark Technology Center, IBM
Scaling with Apache Spark (or a lesson in unintended consequences)

Holden Karau is transgender Canadian, and an active open source contributor. She is a co-author of “Learning Spark” and “High Performance Spark” which she encourages everyone to buy multiple copies of. When not in San Francisco working as a software

Huyen Tue Dao is an Android developer and Google Developer Expert currently working on the Android team at Trello. She has a B.S./M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland and is co-creator of the “Android Dialogs” YouTube channel.

Jake Wharton is an Android engineer at Square working on Square Cash. He has been living with a severe allergy to boilerplate code and bad APIs for years and speaks at conferences all around the world in an effort to

Jamie Allen

Director of Engineering, Starbucks; former Senior Director of Global Solutions Architects, Typesafe/Lightbend
FOSS is in Jeopardy

Jamie Allen is the Director of Engineering for the Unified Commerce Project at Starbucks, leading backend service development in support of our strategic customer-facing business goals. Previously, Jamie was the Senior Director of Global Solutions Architects, and previously head of

Jason Grandelli is an Engineering Manager at URBN. At URBN, Jason with an incredibly talented team to ship large ecommerce applications across multiple brands as well as enterprise apps for use in stores & at the corporate campus.

Jessica Kerr works on infrastructure at Stripe, podcasts on Greater Than Code, and pesters her children to do their homework. In her spare time, she explores programming systems, speaks at conferences, and tweets as @jessitron.

John Gossman is lead architect on Microsoft Azure, where he spearheads technical strategy and partnerships for Linux and open source technologies. He has driven strategic relationships with companies such as Red Hat, Docker, Mesosphere, Canonical, Chef and Puppet, and serves

Jonathan Ellis

Co-founder and CEO, DataStax; former chairman, Apache Cassandra
Applied Distributed Research in Apache Cassandra

Jonathan is co-founder and CTO of DataStax. Prior to that, he built a multi-petabyte, scalable storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding for backup service Mozy.

Josh Gordon works on TensorFlow at Google. He loves teaching and computer science education. You can find him on Twitter at @random_forests, and on YouTube at Google Developers.

Karen Kinnear

Technical Lead, Hotspot Java Virtual Machine Runtime, Oracle Corporation
Java Futures: Modules and More

Karen is the Technical Lead for the Hotspot Java Virtual Machine Runtime team at Oracle. She began her career in operating systems and networking, and has been working on the internals of various Java virtual machines since 2000. In addition

Ken almost started coding at an early age when he used a battery, two wires and an old flashcube to make a flashlight (those in the other room saw a blinding flash, then heard screams of agony). Dodging this early

Ken Wheeler

Director of Open Source, Formidable
Why You Should Bet on React Native

Ken Wheeler is the Director of Open Source at Formidable and the author of open source libraries such as Slick Carousel, Spectacle, webpack-dashboard and react-music.

Kiki Carter is a Lightbend Enterprise Architect and Emerging Tech & Innovation enthusiast with a passion for building large-scale, Reactive Systems. Kiki has extensive delivery experience using Lightbend Reactive Platform in range of industries, from digital commerce and high tech

Kimberly Blessing

Vice President of Technology, Think Brownstone

Since 1994, Kimberly has been helping organizations large and small understand how technology and the web can help them best connect with their key audiences. Her work experience as a technical leader at companies like AOL, PayPal, and Comcast reflects

Kyle Daigle

Engineering Manager, GitHub
GitHub’s GraphQL Future

Kyle Daigle is an engineering manager at GitHub and helps build and improve its platform. Before GitHub, he built and integrated APIs for banks, credit unions, realtors, and small businesses. Kyle is passionate about using APIs to enable teams to

Len Damico is the Head of Design at Arcweb Technologies, a digital product design consultancy in Old City, Philadelphia. At Arcweb, Len leads a team of designers who make software that is easy to use, aligned with business goals, and

Maciej Ceglowski is the founder and sole employee of Pinboard, a personal web archive and bookmarking site with an emphasis on user privacy. He’s been an outspoken advocate the decentralized, open web as a counterweight to the excesses of Silicon

As Chief Technology Officer for Wingspan Technology, Inc., Martin is responsible for technology and software engineering leadership. He brings over 20 years of experience as an executive and architect for enterprise applications, integration, and document management for global enterprise applications.

Matt has worked as a programmer, DBA, was CTO for The J. Peterman Company, helped create an awesome open-source mobile application framework as Director of Development for Toura, and built an amazing development team and disruptive financial application as CTO

Michael Feathers

author, Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Moving Past the Scaling Myth

Michael Feathers is the Founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance, a company specializing in software and organization design. Prior to forming R7K, Michael was the Chief Scientist of Obtiva and a consultant with Object Mentor International. Over the

Mike Roberts is an engineering leader and cofounder of Symphonia, a serverless and cloud technology consultancy. Mike is a long-time proponent of Agile and DevOps values and is excited by the role that cloud technologies have played in enabling such

Monica Beckwith

JVM Performance Consultant; former Garbage First Garbage Collector performance team leader, Oracle
Java Performance Engineer’s Survival Guide

Monica Beckwith is an independent performance consultant and instructor optimizing customer applications and systems running the Java Virtual Machine. She has worked with Java HotSpot VM optimizing the JIT Compiler, the generated code, the JVM heuristics and garbage collection and

Nara Kasbergen is a full-stack developer in National Public Radio (NPR)’s Digital Media group, where she’s worked on a variety of projects, most notably the third-party developer platform for NPR One. She recently joined the tech conference speaking circuit because

Natalie W. Nixon

Principal, Figure 8 Thinking, LLC, Strategic Design MBA & Editor of 'Strategic Design Thinking: Innovation in Products, Services, Experiences and Beyond'
It’s All in the Questions You Ask: Design Thinking 101 – Part 1

Natalie W. Nixon, PhD is a design strategist and a hybrid thinker. She applies her diverse background in anthropology, fashion, service design and dance to change lives through ideas. In her consultancy, Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she helps organizations design

Neville is a software engineer at Spotify who works mainly on data infrastructure and tools for machine learning and advanced analytics. In the past few years he has been driving the adoption of Scala and new data tools for music

Pete Fleming

Product Design Consultant, AT&T

Currently consulting for AT&T as a design lead for key consumer technology products and working with leadership to craft a vision for the future of Digital Life products and services. Prior to working as a product UX design consultant Pete

Reid Draper is VP Engineering at Helium, where he helps companies build industrial IoT products. Previously, Reid worked on distributed databases at Basho, and music recommendations at The Echo Nest. Reid’s software interests are in functional programming, databases, distributed systems,

Robert Moore

Head of RJMetrics/Magento Analytics
Lean Analytics in the Real World

Bob Moore is a self-proclaimed data nerd who co-founded RJMetrics, an analytics software company, in his attic during the 2008 economic recession. RJMetrics began as a bootstrapped Lean Startup, grew to raise over $20 million of venture capital, and was

Scott Hanselman

Podcaster, Hanselminutes, This Developer’s Life, Ratchet & The Geek; Principal Program Manager, Outreach and Community, Open Source, Microsoft
A history from back-end to front-end: from mainframes to compiled JavaScript and beyond

Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at http://hanselman.com for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has three podcasts,

Scott Schwan is the director of cloud engineering at Starbucks Coffee Company and has a background in security and infrastructure heavily focused in PCI, retail, e-commerce, mobile order and pay (MOP), and loyalty. Scott leads a team of talented engineers

Steve Smith

Mobile Practice Lead, Chariot Solutions

As the Mobile Practice Lead for Chariot Solution, Steve Smith works with clients in numerous roles that range from determining mobile strategy to designing and developing mobile applications. Steve’s mobile experience includes native, mobile web, and hybrid application design and

Tim Gross is a product manager for Joyent, providers of the Triton Elastic Container Service. Tim previously ran Ops at DramaFever, where he and his scrappy team ran Docker in production to serve a few million fans their daily dose

Tim Ottinger

Senior Consultant, Industrial Logic

Tim is a long-time programmer (since 1979), reviewer, speaker, writer. He has been active in many of the big changes in software over the past 37 years (including Design Patterns, Object-Oriented Design, and Agile software development).In addition to his contributions

Viktor Gamov is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast, the leading open-source in-memory data grid. Viktor has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application architecture leveraging open source technologies. He has helped leading organizations build low latency, scalable and highly

Yehuda Katz

co-creator, Ember.js; core team, Rust
Ember and the State of Web Frameworks.

Yehuda Katz is one of the creators of Ember.js, a member of the Rust Core Team, and a retired Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team member. His 9-to-5 home is at the startup he founded, Tilde Inc.There he works