The Web as Platform for Augmented Reality Experiences

Blair MacIntyre

Augmented Reality Pioneer; Principal Research Scientist, Mozilla; Professor of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality are hot topics right now, driven by the rapid improvement in technology (from Hololens to Vive, GearVR to Magic Leap) and the accompanying explosion of experimentation and ideas for how to use them. Ideas that until recently lived in research labs suddenly seem possible. But with an explosion of technology comes a corresponding explosion of developer platforms, a rush by companies to create captive ecosystems, and resulting complexity for developers trying to build and ship applications.

Fortunately, just as it has for previous media, the web is showing promise as a platform for AR and VR. WebVR is set to ship in multiple browsers this year, and is poised to make the web an open, accessible platform for VR, where anyone can publish small demos or substantial applications. At Mozilla, we are building on our experience creating WebVR, and leveraging my experience running the Argon web-based AR project at Georgia Tech, to make high performance AR possible on the web.

In this talk, I’ll discuss the state of AR on the web, the potential of the Web for creating novel AR experience, the technical limitations of current web browsers, and how we are planning to overcome them. I’ll also show you how you can leverage to start experimenting with web-based AR on mobile phones today.


Location: Salon A
April 18th, 2017
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM